Most of us argue that childhood love is nothing but an infatuation that happens at least once in everybody's life. Is it honest to compare a puppy love with infatuation? Infatuation comes in the adolescent age and concerns mainly about the physical structure of the body where as the first one has its own divinity and likeliness for our loved ones. It is still hard to make it clear and so I am leaving this for your discussion. Let me start off with my story.

The worst part of our lives is to control the greatest emotional moment which we could not know how to express. And which makes it even worse is that, we still not able to describe it. I am one of the fortunate few who had enjoyed all the benefits of a middle class family during my childhood. I was given a complete freedom to choose my own way of life that concerns either studies or any other important decisions of my life.

The only decision made by my parents was my schooling and I was quite sure that the school life had given me a lot of sweet memories. I was put into a Christian Missionary School well before my KGs and this particular incident happened when I was in my fifth grade. It was the period, where we hardly cared for anything. It was the time; we might not know what makes the difference between a boy and a girl.

We were a group of five friends who appeared to be so close. Of course, we were so close but for one issue. It was a girl who belonged to the same class. These fellas had never shown each other that they had a secret crush for that girl. One guy boldly expressed his will towards that girl with all his fellow mates and asked them for a nice idea to attract that girl. The discussion went on with various innovative ideas and suggestions and finally they had no other go than inspiring an old movie. Accidentally it was a Friday and these guys had never missed their own "Jungle Book". All the guys assembled exactly at half past five in one of their friends' place to watch their favorite tele series. That episode happened to be a well-timed one, when the hero of the story "Mowgli" came to know that he was an orphan and it was the main reason why all his friends had so much affection on him.

Wow.. Our naughties looked each other delightfully as they have got the best idea to attract that girl. The guy who expressed his will was so confident that he could woo her the next day. He went on so early and was trying to talk to her from morning. But he could make it only in the afternoon. Somehow he managed to convey that he was an orphan and his then parents were not his real parents. He also added that his parents just adopted him from an orphanage. The moment the girl heard of this, she started screaming out of fear. He had no clues for what she was crying. When the teachers enquired about this, she had narrated everything that happened.

The guy realized he was in his final stand. He was completely ashamed to face his teachers and fellow students. He was then taken to the office room and he was totally scared to face his parents too. Once he entered the office room, he was stormed out to see his associates standing in front of the principal for the same issue.

At least by then, he came to know the mystery behind her screaming.

Now tell me. Is this a puppy love or puppies' love.????!!!!!!!

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